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It has been a week since this event and I am back in the uk, apologies for not posting photos earlier. All works produced with Processional Arts Workshop.


For the past two days I have been participating on Morningside Lights along with Processional Arts Workshops (please follow the link for more information) which began five years ago as a way of encouraging students at Columbia University and the residents of Morningside and Harlem to integrate.

 Once again whilst technical creative techniques interest me, I am researching the quality of the narrative held through the parade. The theme is “Traverse” and the procession is celebrating 100 years of Pulitzer Prize poetry which is presented by Columbia University. 

Actually my first thoughts on this theme were ” how are they going to do that”however the artists have broken it down beautifully. Passages connected to the theme “traverse” have been selected and stuck on the theatre walls & members of the public were invited to bring their own passages. Participants choose a verse and interpret it in their own imagination active way.

Participants were either very clear about what they want to achieve  or spend a lot of time looking for inspiration in the passages. Each passage will be annotated on a corex banner or ribbon – all of which are pre made and identical and will hold the visual theme together. 

The procession will create a giant walking verse. Below are examples of starting point verses.

Building in theory was similar to methods I have previously used in the UK of building a frame but materials used differed slightly.

The last verse was one used to build a boat frame with 2 other participants.

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