Much like being in New York, being around different artists and designers bombarded my senses yesterday.
“Imagine the meeting point of the procession as a layered wedding cake…with opportunities for people of all abilities and sizes to participate.” said Alex Khan of Processional Arts Workshop (PAW).

Astor Place is many things to many people in NYC. Sophia Michahelles of PAW described her own youthful experiences of Astor Place as an area where if a builder put up a hoarding/plywood board it would in no time be covered with a profusion of flyers & posters directly reflecting the density of creative activity the area and the east village of NYC.

imageAs participants in Astor Alive, all are invited to submit imagery both manually and via a shared Pinterest page. It is hoped by a few days into the week the studio wall (the former St Marks Bookstore) will be covered in images reflecting the counter and subcultures of of many generations. This will feed the surfacing of giant puppets in the style of Artists mannequins just like any free wall space in this area was in the artists younger days. The intention is for each puppet to represent standout imagery to reflect different aspects of the social history of Astor Place.

More about this process as the week continues.


As someone normally on the delivery end of a workshop it was an absolute pleasure to be a participant. This is a high quality production with low cost materials and a montage of  geek shots will be available tomorrow.

No community arts experience would be worth it without the people. On the eve of 9,11 I was honoured and moved to hear first hand the reflections of eye witnesses to the event.